Private Investigator in Corpus Christi, Texas

Background Checks

* Basic ID Check

*Civil Court Records

*Criminal Court Records


*Divorce Records

*Driving Records

*Arrest Records

*Birth/Death Records

*Property Records


Private I Investigations - Corpus Christi, Texas

                                                       Hire a Private Investigator?                    

There are several factors that should be considered when hiring a Private Investigator. Cost is one important factor but it should not be the determining factor. You should have a budget in mind on how much you want to invest and what results you are looking for.

Our firm like many others have some basic requirements when it comes to pricing.

1. A retainer fee will be required in order to start working a case. This retainer is to ensure 

     that the client is committed to the case.

2. There is a 4 hour minimum on most cases with the exception of background checks.

3. The cost of the investigations will depend on the type of investigation performed, length

     of the investigation and number of investigators needed to accomplish the task.

4. There is an additional cost for after hours investigations, weekends and holidays.

5. Out of town investigations can include a mileage fee as well as other expenses.

At the conclusion of each investigation the client will be given a written report of all findings as they relate to the case. They will also receive all photographs and other documents as well

                       A written contract must be signed prior to starting work.

                    A free consultation is available during normal working hours.